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Marine Tourism: Discover the dreamy coastline of Attica and the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf in a different way!

Marine tourism is an alternative form of tourism, particularly popular in the last years. The main means of transport of visitors/travellers is the yacht or the motorboat through sea routes for visits to coastal areas and islands, and also the stay to moorings in different areas. Marine tourism and its possibilities, highlight not only the islands, but also waterfront and even isolated areas and their sights. Tourism, combined with a professional charter motorcraft, can also promote other forms of tourism, and bring visitors in contact with the cultural, religious, historic, and other features of a place.

The activity develops throughout the marine space of Greece, whereas the vessels move even along coasts that are difficult to access by land, reach all coastal areas and boost local economies.

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Marine tourism flourishes in Attica as well, offering a great opportunity for visitors who want to participate in various activities. With its long coastline and the short distance from the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean, Attica offers a wide range of experiences that establish the region as a marine tourist spot of international scope and appeal. Particularly as regards the amazing coasts and the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf, these can make the region an irreplaceable destination for international travellers.

Yachting sector is now a powerful part of tourism, although over the previous years it had a long way to go to compete with the level of neighbouring countries. Today, this gap has been filled and with the upgrading of infrastructure, marinas and shelters for the safe mooring, docking and supply of boats of all types, the stimulation of this comparative advantage of Attica is getting better and better. The combination of yachting and marine tourism with cultural tourism, visits to archaeological sites, museums and monuments in Attica and the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf, sites that are very close to mooring points of vessels, offers visitors a complete travel experience.

Attica offers excellent choices for sailing and yachting enthusiasts. Visitors have the chance to charter a yacht or participate in organized sailing trips to explore the amazing islands and coasts of the Argosaronic Gulf, as well as the Attica coastline, enjoying the freedom of a cruise and discovering isolated coves and marvellous locations. By making a boat trip or a cruise for a few or more days, travellers can tour short picturesque islands such as Aegina, Hydra and Poros (here you can find out more about the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf), anchor close or find even more destinations in the Saronic, while enjoying the endless blue of the sea, the picturesque landscapes and the exciting sunset, unveiling magical colours as the sun goes down… this is the most romantic and unforgettable way to finish your day!

The geomorphology of the Attica coastline offers the visitor the opportunity to sail between island clusters, to anchor in natural protected bays, to visit inaccessible beaches and to swim safely in waters of unique clearness and clarity. The distance between beaches is short, while the weather conditions are regularly good, as regards the intensity of winds and the temperatures of the environment and the sea.

Depending on their mood and taste, visitors can combine sailing with a plethora of recreational activities, from sun bathing on the boat and visits to beaches that are hard to access from the land, to water sports and diving.

The history of marine tourism

In Greece, marine tourism started to develop in Greece during the 1960s. It is a sector of major importance for the financial growth of Greece, and mainly because it contributes to the development of less privileged areas and lesser-known islands, the economy of which mainly depends on the sea and the coastal zone.

The highlight of the charter is the diversity of the mode of transport, the possibility of free choice of the itinerary and time restrictions (subject to weather conditions), while it promotes not only the marine and island geomorphology, but also the sights and characteristics of the various places of docking, showcasing the coastal and marine wealth of the country, promoting the interest of tourists to come in contact with the island of Greece.

Μαρίνα Ζέας

While the threefold sun-sea-sand is a classic and remains an attraction for visitors to Greece, definitely sea tourism is a form of tourism that offers visitors intense diversity and it can elevate demand.

Yachting in Greece attracts many tourists every year, who choose it for the numerous choices it offers. The Greek coastline spans about 16,000 km, in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, countless coves and beaches and holds the 9th position in the world list based on its coastline, according to the World fact book of the CIA. Attica, as a part of this total, claims and manages to attract through marine tourism, visitors from all over the world and Greeks who want to live this special experience.

Within this context and after the revamp and upgrade of the Marina of Alimos, expected to be completed until 2025, the siting and construction of the new Marina has been suggested, with the purpose to serve the crafts of that sectors, on the coastline of Attica (Elefsina, Sounio, Varkiza, Anavyssos, Legrena, etc.).

Αστέρας Βουλιαγμένης

Alimos Marina

As of 1/1/2021, the complete redesign of the marina has been started by AKTOR PARACHORESIS and REDS, aiming to upgrade it to one of the most modern tourist marinas in the Mediterranean by January 2025.

Alimos Marina is the biggest in the Balkan Region and one of the most historic and iconic marinas in Greece (click here to learn more about the project and the Alimos Marina).

It makes a landmark for the Greek capital and an integral part of its coastal front, also known as the “Athenian Riviera”. Alimos Marina is the main base for sailing and yachting enthusiasts.

Μαρίνα Άλιμος

Cosmopolitan port & base

Where the blue of the Attica sky joins the blue of the sea and travelling becomes identical with freedom. Alimos Marina is a welcoming attraction for sea and yachting lovers and a base for new adventures in the waters of the Saronic Gulf, the Aegean and Ionian Seas, but also the entire Mediterranean.

Within a short distance there are shops and services of all kinds, from organized beaches to restaurants, bars and banks, car rental agencies, pharmacies, hair salons, laundries and coasts.

The Marina has a key location, as it is southwest of Athens, 15 km from the centre of the city, 8 km south of Piraeus port and 30km from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport of Athens. Moreover, it is easily accessible by a large network of means of transport including tram, buses and taxi.

Attica and the Saronic Gulf are the areas where many boats are chartered throughout the year, because together with the many islands, which are in close proximity to each other and are even suitable for daily sailing trips, it is protected from extreme weather conditions and has many artificial and natural moorings.

Μαρίνα Αλίμου


The Marine Tourism exhibition will take place on 7-10 March 2024 at MEC exhibition centre. The Sea & Tourism Expo is the first exhibition specialized in the sector of Marine Tourism, Boat Rental, Motorcrafts, Sailing yachts, Chartering, Inflatable boats as well as smaller boats for day trips. It also features Diving Schools and Watersports, equipment for marine activities, Municipalities, Private Marines and Accommodation.

The Sea & Tourism Expo is organized in combination with the Boat & Fishing Show, the only marine exhibition dedicated exclusively to Boating, Fishing and all equipment – services related to these three activities. Sea & Tourism Expo aspires to become the meeting point for professionals in the industry and sea lovers.

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